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Inland Empire Chamber Alliance - September 16

The Inland Empire Chamber Alliance met on Friday, Sept. 16, 2022, to summarize previous advocacy efforts and hear presentations about two upcoming California ballot propositions.

Legislative Efforts

AB 2840 (Reyes): Qualifying logistics use projects - This bill was opposed by the IECA and was successfully defeated.

AB 257 (Holden): Food facilities and employment - This bill that was opposed by the IECA was signed into law.


A Yes on Prop 26 coalition representative presented to the IECA, claiming the following benefits.

  • Tens of millions in revenue for California
  • Creates 150,000 jobs expected to generate $27 billion for the state economy
  • Expected increase in $5.1 billion¬† in tax revenue
  • Invests 109.2 million in charitable spending
  • Preserves tribal self-reliance
  • Helps non-gaming tribes through the Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund

The same coalition warned against the following detrimental aspects of Prop 27.

  • Online sports gamblers are at increased risk of developing a gambling addiction
  • Accelerated speed of play and ease of access attractive to youth
  • Lacks safeguards to prevent underage gambling
  • May incur a local expense to deal with increased gambling addiction rates

A No on Prop 30 coalition representative presented to the IECA with the following arguments.

  • Funded by Lyft as a special interest carveout and vehicle subsidy
  • Will not help low-income Californians
  • Limited spending on funds raised
  • Opposed by Governor Gavin Newsom

A Yes on Prop 30 coalition representative presented to the IECA with the following arguments.

  • Favored by clean air advocacy organizations
  • 31 counties in California scored an F from the American Lung Association
  • Allocates resources to wildfire prevention/suppression
  • Will benefit businesses with incentives for zero-emission vehicles